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Mesoscopic Physics of Ultracold Atoms

Recent advances in the experimental techniques of cooling, trapping as well as processing of dilute atomic gases lead to pioneering developments with respect to the coherent manipulation of ultracold matter. External fields allow nowadays to control the internal, motional as well as collective degrees of atoms leading to a large variety of possibilities to design new quantum states of atomic ensembles. Among others, the promising fields of atom optics and quantum information processing for atomic ensembles have emerged requiring concepts from atomic up to condensed matter physics. A toolbox of mesoscopic devices acting coherently on the quantum scale, such as optical lattices and atom chips, have been invented. The symposium brings together experts in 'quantum engineering' of ultracold coherent matter. Both experimentalists as well as theorists are invited equally.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Schmiedmayer (Universitaet Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Luis Santos (Universitaet Stuttgart)
Dr. Peter Schlagheck (Universitaet Regensburg)
Prof. Eugene Demler (Harvard University)
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Zwerger (Universitaet Innsbruck)
Dr. Oliver Morsch (Universitaet Pisa)
Dr. J. Hecker-Denschlag (Universitaet Innsbruck)
Prof. Dr. C. Zimmermann (Universitaet Tuebingen)

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