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"From quantisation in the gravitational field to correlated electron systems: Perspectives of research with neutrons" (SYRN)

Research with neutrons plays an important role in nuclear and particle physics and solves ever increasing complex problems in such diverse fields as condensed matter physics, chemistry, biology, materials sciences, engineering, geology and archaeology. The symposium consists of review talks and addresses the non-specialist. Recent highlights of research with neutrons in topical fields will be presented and an outlook will be given to scientific opportunities offered by improved instrumentation and new sources.

List of invited speakers: (Titles preliminary):
Olwyn Byron, Glasgow "Biological Systems"
Hartmut Abele, Heidelberg "Particle Physics"
Hartmut Zabel, Bochum "Magnetic Nanostructures"
Bernhard Keimer, Stuttgart "Correlated Electron Systems"
Helmut Schober, Grenoble "Scientific Perspectives with new Sources and Methods"
Dieter Richter, Jülich "Soft Matter Physics"
Anke Pyzalla, Wien "Materials Science and Engineering"
Helmut Rauch, Wien "Quantum Phenomena"

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