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Symposium "Organic Optoelectronics and Photonics" (SYOO)

Organic semiconductors are of steadily growing interest as active components in electronics and optoelectronics. Due to their flexibility, low cost and ease-of-production they represent a valid alternative to conventional inorganic semiconductor technology in a number of applications, such as flat panel displays and illumination, plastic integrated circuits or solar energy conversion. Although first commercial applications of this technology are being realized nowadays, there is still the need for a deeper scientific understanding in order to achieve optimum device performance. This symposium will give an overview of the physics behind organic optoelectronic and photonic devices and highlight recent developments in this field.

Invited speakers and tentative topics:
R.H. Friend (Cambridge, U.K.)
"Physics of Polymer Heterojunctions"

S.R. Forrest (Princeton, U.S.A.)
"Organic Optoelectronics Based on Small Molecules"

I.D.W. Samuel (St. Andrews, U.K.)
"Organic Lasers"

A. Morpurgo (Delft, NL)
"High-Mobility Organic Single Crystals"

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