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Solitons and Nonlinear Waves in Periodic Complex Structures (SYSN)

Spatial structures like solitons and vortices appearing in nonlinear media are a key for the understanding of complex effects in physics and related fields in science. In recent years fully new experimental systems in optics and atomic physics (e.g. BEC) as well as new theoretical approaches led to a much deeper understanding of the underlying physics of nonlinear media in general. This paves the way towards a fascinating area of fundamental physics and important applications in future.
The goal of this symposium is to bring together scientists from different areas, mainly nonlinear optics and quantum optics and to show up similarities and differences of nonlinear phenomena like solitons and vortices in these branches.

Eingeladene Hauptvorträge

Prof. Mitschke, Uni Rostock, Germany
Prov. Segev, Technion, Haifa, Israel
Dr. Peschel, Uni Jena, Germany
Dr. Flach, MPI Dresden, Germany

Prof. Dalibard, ENS, Paris, France
Prof. Hulet, Rice university, Houston, USA
Prof. Sanpera, Barcelona, Spain
Prof. Oberthaler, Heidelberg, Germany

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