Physik seit Einstein

Measurements at the Quantum Limit (SYQL)

"Measurements at the Quantum Limit" deal with the characterization at the quantum limit of individual spins, -two level systems, -flux qubits, photons from x-ray to optical and individual building blocks of large biomolecules in time of flight experiments. The symposium opens with a special highlight. Dan Ruger will present pioneering work of the IBM group detecting individual spins by magnetic force microscopy. Lothar Kador demonstrates spectroscopy of individual two-level systems. Evgeni Ilichev is characterizing a superconducting flux qubit deep in the quantum regime with such weak back action on the qubit that a record value in decoherence time is obtained and entanglement of two such qubits can be demonstrated. Franz Proebst and Sergei Uchaikin demonstrate in time of flight mass spectroscopy a kind of sequencing resolution of very large biomolecules. Single optical quantum detection for cosmology research in astrophysics is introduced by Ernst Kreysa and utmost energy resolution in x-ray spectroscopy is shown by Andreas Fleischmann and Jens Hoehne. Prominent tools for the latter achievements are taken from superconducting electronics.

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